Get the Best Out of Your Rides.

Keep your bike in top shape and get to know everything you need to on care, maintenance and troubleshooting your vehicle.



Keeping an automobile in the best possible condition is every rider’s priority.

Refer to the Owner’s Manual for easy access to your vehicle information, maintenance and riding guidelines.

Owners Maintenance


To keep up the level of performance, our bikes are created with utmost care to ensure highest quality standards for each and every part of the bike, it’s important to keep these parts running perfectly.

Learn more about how best to maintain your vehicle by refering to the Owner’s Manual.


For best performance and longer life of the bike, it’s important to buy original genuine spare parts. Here are a few ways by which you can Identify genuine parts.


Touch and Feel' effect with THE Gold Hologram

Touch the Gold hologram to feel no height difference with the paper label.


Hidden Text

When the Gold hologram is scratched the word 'Genuine' will appear.